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two things

Firstly, today is the last day to enter into the drawing to win one of four amazing gift cards!  You can read all about the 18 incredible families we are trying to help bring their sweet children home right here and here.  Please consider sowing precious seed into their adoptions–I know they appreciate it so very much. 

Many of the families on that list have mere days left to raise the RANSOM they need to bring their angels home from faraway lands.  I know the Dirkes family leave in just SIX days to attend court in Eastern Europe.  They are so close, yet still so far–they still need thousands to complete Charlotte’s adoption.  My dear friend, Patti, shared about their dire need here

Thank you for opening your hearts to these wonderful families who are truly stepping out in faith and trusting the Lord to provide every penny they need.  What an honor it is that He uses us, His glorious body, to rally when there is a need. 

Gift card winners will be announced later in the week.

And secondly, sweet Harper has finally got it!

Can’t you tell?

She thinks she’s quite clever.  And I have to agree.

“Say CHEESE, Harpy!”

Yup, she has finally perfected the art of delivering her biggest grin when prompted.

Sweet baby girl.

You done with this now, Mom?

‘Cause I’ve got places to go and things to do!

Oh, and by the way, Mom…you seen my skateboard anywhere?

She’s all about disABILITY!