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the ups of down (part 4)

I’m still making my way through the questions we get asked about Down syndrome.  If you missed the first three posts you can read part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 right here.

“I’m curious about why you chose to adopt children who have Down syndrome?”

Well…why NOT Down syndrome?

They are totally adorable.

They are as smart as can be.

They love to laugh.

They’re an absolute joy and delight.

They love to imitate.

And are exceptionally good at doing pen art on their hands, as you can see.

The extra chromosome they carry is a blessing….NOT a curse!  My God never makes mistakes.

It sure does make them extra-adorable.

They can’t help themselves–they just love music and dancing and are a constant source of entertainment.

They’re the happiest kids on earth!


They love to be loved.

And, oh my goodness, do they know how to LOVE back.

In the arms of those who love them is where they want to be.

If they had their way, their little feet would never hit the ground.


You bet!

Playful, happy, affectionate, smiley, interactive, curious, adventurous, content, loving….

Need I say more?

We simply could not find one good reason to say, “No, thanks!”

They’re just one of the Father’s most amazing creations–fearfully and wonderfully made just the way they are.  They make the world a sweeter, more lovely place.  No words can describe how exceedingly blessed we are that He chose us to be the parents of these sweet girls.  We are forever thankful to our God who does all things well.

If we had to do it all over again, we would.  Without hesitation.

Down syndrome is such a blessing from heaven. 

These children deserve LIFE

They deserve to be CHOSEN!

Thanks for the most adorable little tees, Tracy
Tracy is an amazing single mom who is adopting a sweet little love with Down syndrome.  She is selling these tees as one of her fundraisers, and she’s trusting the Father for every dollar she needs in order to bring her sweet Lucy home.  I cannot even tell you how much I admire her for doing this as a single mom.  Amazing!
Please consider helping Tracy reach her goal.  She still has such a long way to go to be fully funded.  The tees are just so cute and the cause is fabulous…another life saved.  Can’t beat that!
Go here to see the different styles, colors and sizes, and to place an order, go here
Thanks, friends.