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URGENT! Host families needed TODAY!

All the beautiful children listed below are urgently needing host families…TODAY!  Time is running out and they have mere hours to be chosen for hosting this summer.

Hosting a child is such an easy way to “care for the orphan” as we are commanded to do in the book of James.  Opening your home for just five weeks this summer to an orphan not only gives them an opportunity to have a summer of fun, family, and wonderful new experiences, it also greatly increases their chances of being adopted. Please would you consider adding one of these sweet children to your summer plans this year?

All children available for hosting can been seen on the New Horizons for Childrens website HERE.  Anyone wanting more information can contact a regional coordinator HERE.

Would you please help us share this need today?  I cannot stand the thought of them not being chosen.  These children deal with so much rejection in their lives–please let’s do everything we can to make sure that they don’t feel the pain and rejection of being one of the kids who were not chosen for a fun summer outside of their orphanage walls.

Let’s rally for these precious kids, friends!  Surely by the end of today every single one of them will be coming to America to experience a summer of extravagant love?  I believe!


Sandy age 9 and Zack age 13: Big brother, Zack was very well mannered, open and easy to talk to. He had good eye contact and gave prompt confident responses. He has excellent interaction with other children. Noodles are his favorite food. He likes art and ping pong. Zack would like to learn to speak English. His favorite color is blue and he would like to be a police offer when he is grown up. He would also like to learn how to do some magic which is taught in the orphanage by a professional stage magician. Little sis, Sandy is 9 years old and she likes grapes but dislikes peppers. Sandy’s favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is a rabbit. She is afraid of snakes which our interviewer shared something they both agreed on! Both kids are happy, intelligent, loving and really close to each other. They would do well in most any family with kids of any age. Their orphanage caretakers and the English teacher who lives with them says they are simply awesome, caring and loving kids! Sandy and Zack are host only.

$1000 scholarship available

Danny, age 9 is in the 2nd grade. His favorite subject in school is English but believes that he could improve his study. Danny likes drawing, fast music, dogs, cats and the color white. He would love to learn to ride a bicycle while in America. He was quite nervous during his interview and had a difficult time answering our questions- but we think it was performance anxiety as he relaxed quite a bit after the interview was over. If Danny could have 3 wishes they would be to have a car, become a policeman, and earn lots of money. He prefers a small family to love him, show that he is wanted, and bring him out of his shell. Are you that family?

$300 Scholarship available

Yu long, age 9, has Down Syndrome and as is often the case with this condition, he was very interactive, outgoing, personable and loving.- gave great hugs. The interview team really liked him! He’s small for his age, interacts well with others, is gentle with smaller children and can count with his hands but he’s hard to understand when he speaks. He does, however, understand when others are talking and asking him questions. He likes a beat and follows rhythm, hums and sings tunes- but no words. Yu long is afraid of heat and fire, is easily distracted but follows directions well. Can your family love on this sweet boy this summer?

$500 Scholarship available

Chen age 11 is a 3rd grader with a very easy going personality. He was interested in the whole interview process, was very interactive and seemed like an all around great kid. Chen is also deaf and mute and communicates via lip reading and simple sign language. He has a significant amount of brown freckles on his face, but none on the rest of his body. He’s smart, very observant and interested in everything around him. He’s very excited about this opportunity to visit America and is looking forward to trying and experience new things.

Chen’s favorite animal is a dog and he’d like to learn to swim. When asked about 3 wishes for life, he only had one… to learn to speak. OH!!! Somebody host this sweet boy!

$800 Scholarship available

Denny, just turned 10, was very quiet, shy and nervous during his interview, but he had to wait a very long time before it was his turn and he did so patiently and quietly. He likes to draw, play ping pong, badminton, soccer and climb trees. He wants to learn to do magic tricks and when asked about a job for the future, his first response was that he wanted to be an “honest man” and an interpreter. Denny’s favorite animal is a panda and would like to see one at the zoo. He’d like to be hosted with a large family- he desires “many kids”; but he also says he’d be OK as an only child. His social worker says everyone at the orphanage likes him because he is an honest kid and very hardworking in everything he does. (A note from the interview team, he’s very small for his age, maybe more the size of an 8 year old.)

$800 Scholarship available 

Shane is a sweet 10 year old who was shy but interactive with us. He showed himself to be smart and was quick to answer questions with real thought about his answers. He likes to sing and run and would like to learn to jump rope. His 3 wishes for life are to grow up and be a real scientist, to go to America, and to have a big family. He does very well in English and he likes both English and math. He says it’s fun to study in school. Shane was able to answer simple yes/no questions in English, his favorite color is yellow and he’d like to have a panda for a pet.

$250 Scholarship available

Lynn age 9, is in the 2nd grade and loves PE. He likes noodles, drawing, slow music, elephants, and the color blue. Lynn is okay with dogs or cats. The thing that Lynn would like to improve about himself is to grow taller. While in America Lynn would enjoy a big family that is willing to teach him how to dance. After the interview Lynn made sure to straighten up the chairs and was very polite. Lynn has many aspirations in life. He would like to become a pilot, scientist, inventor and/or a policeman. Are you the family to teach Lynn a few dance steps of his own?

$250 Scholarship available

Jake age 8, is in the 2nd grade and says his favorite subject is PE because he play ball games. Jake likes hamburgers, monkeys, slow music, cats, and the color green but dislikes dogs and nuts. He made good eye contact during his interview and was busy munching on cookies while we spoke. 🙂 If Jake could have 3 wishes they would be to have a cake, become a doctor, and travel so that he could play somewhere. Jake would prefer a small family that will teach him some magic. What kind of magic can you bring to this boy’s life?

$250 Scholarship available

Jing Qiang is a very small 11 year old and initially very, very shy with us but who was really bonded with his caretaker! He has a real need for some dental work and has Down Syndrome but fully cares for himself. He is somewhat of a picky eater and shared that his one ear is stuffed animals! His caretaker, foster parent was very hands on and gentle with him and shared he is a great child and always happy! We were able to watch and interact with him through the day, and with those he has close bonds, he does very well.

Xiao Peng age 12 is an all around great kid. He knows how to ride a bike, would like to learn to play soccer and wants to be a singer when he grows up. He has a cataract in one eye that has caused him to go blind in it, and would be allowed to get a medical evaluation while in America to see what can be done to help him! He’s learning English in school and is willing to work hard to learn more. Xiao Peng would like to visit a zoo and see a lion. He asked great questions about the program and sang for us a little bit of “Happy Birthday to You.” He was fabulous during group time, parroting English and interacting well with all. Xiao Peng has no sight in his left eye but his right eye is ok. He has a cataract that has been on his eye since birth and it caused him to lose vision in it. Because of his condition, he cannot see the blackboard at school and is a little behind. He can read and write, is maybe a little small for his age, and gives good hugs and is receptive to them as well. He had a very contagious, happy and lovable personality!

Lin Xue age 9, is a sweet girl with some special needs. Maybe you are the right summer family for her? She was very shy but says she likes apples, playing games, little birds, cats and dogs as well- but only if they are nice. Lin Xue is developmentally delayed, however she was able to write her own name perfectly and copied Dr. Bev’s movements and followed her instructions when translated. She cannot control her bladder or (occasionally) her bowels and she currently wears diapers at night. This little girl is a flower waiting for loving care to bloom!

Yao Qiang age 12, was shy- though open during his interview, outgoing and quite chatty during group interaction. He likes soccer and volleyball, and is afraid to swim but really wants to learn to ride a bike. Yao Qiang made great eye contact and was all smiles with his caregivers. His favorite animal is a cat, but he likes dogs too. Yao Qiang had a seizure as a young child but no longer has them and doesn’t require any medication. Please contact your regional coordinator for more information.

Yu Ye age 13, spoke softly during the interview, was nervous, a bit scared and incredibly shy. However during group time she interacted very well with others. She likes school and is in the upper level in her special ed classes. Ling Jun studied English at school and asked if she could practice a bit during her interview. We like that initiative! She likes rabbits, but is scared of centipedes and wanted to know how many kids there would be in her host family? Her head has an odd shape but she has no known issues with her brain. Please contact your regional coordinator for more information.

Yu Xin age 6, is by all accounts, a very happy boy. He was nervous and a bit more subdued during his interview but when interacting with the other children he was a ball of energy. He attends a special ed school and is a little slower than others his age, but he’s smart and can fully take care of himself. Yu Xin is an active boy who thrives on attention and affection. He’s full of smiles and good-natured mischief, and just waiting for the right family to visit. There seems to be some really special things about him, but we aren’t quite sure how to figure those out in the short time we had with him. He is a happy, entertaining and teachable child!

Russell is to be considered as HOST ONLY due to age of 18 and would be a wonderful addition to your summer family and beyond for school next year! He’s been to the US before and accepted Christ during his visit. Russell says he felt the love of Christ through the love given to him by the Christian family he stayed with. He now attends one of the most prestigious high schools in Beijing and does very well. His long term goal and profession if he could choose, would be as an Electrical Engineer but says that could change if he learned more about other things too. He wants to learn to play piano if given the chance and does Chinese cultural dancing. He likes to play basketball, ping pong and badminton. His favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. He does exceptional with little and very young children and stayed in a family 2 years ago when his dance team performed in several churches to raise funds for his orphanage. When asked why he wanted to go to school in America, he said “If I could go to USA, I could learn and have ability to do anything if I do good.” He knows the blessing of such an opportunity. He is very polite and mild mannered and soft spoken. He isn’t too tall, but a healthy young man.

Russell is an excellent student and won the “Best Student Award” from his prestigious high school. He goes to school 7 days a week from 7am-10pm and has very little time for anything except studying with only 2 hours free time every 2 weeks. During his occasional free time, Russell likes to try Kung Fu. He cannot swim, but he’d like to learn. If he had 3 wishes he said this: 1. He would develop himself to be able to help poor families and himself too. He wants to obtain some ability to have more power and help even more people with this and especially orphans. 2. He wants his own family someday to be happy and healthy. 3. Graduate from a university. This was after he initially said he would give his last wish to the orphanage who raised him, to use as they needed!
We asked if he were president of China what is one thing he would change? He quickly responded: Education! It is too strenuous, and also the standards of society to raise everyone’s morals. Really, there wasn’t anything the team DIDN’T like about Russell and we think you’ll feel the same. In order for him to come, a family would need to be prepared to bring him on a student visa as he has no summer break between 11th and 12th grades. So, if he comes he has to withdraw from his high school and hopes to stay on a student visa and attend at least one year of high school in the USA. Please ask your coordinator for more information.

Janet, is to be considered HOST ONLY due to age and she is a serious student, attending a prestigious public school in her region. She visited the US a couple of years ago and learned quite a bit of English- which would make her an excellent candidate for a student visa, but any family interested in pursuing this needs to move FAST. Janet is a Christian and says she’d like to be hosted in a Christian home. She’s an animal lover and also likes children of all ages– even babies! Her 3 wishes for life are for her grandmother to have good health, to have a positive effect on her school and other orphans in her school, and to have a happy family with a husband and children. Janet likes to dance (Chinese traditional), read, sing and is an avid journal keeper. She has strong leadership skills and we think she’d do well in any family– especially one who could give her the opportunity to study here in the States.

$500 Scholarship available