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URGENT: she’s waiting again

The world of adoption is never easy–filled with many highs, and many lows.

This week we rejoiced because Noah is coming home.

And I also got word that one little girl whom so many of you helped me to advocate for last summer is waiting again. She has, very sadly, lost her family.

DAPHNE captured my heart a few months ago.  She is just so, so lovely.

She URGENTLY needs a family and must legally be adopted before she turns fourteen next March!

I am going to repost what I wrote last summer.  There is a link to the sweetest video of this little darling.  She is beyond precious and delightful and will do so amazingly well in a family.  I just know it.

Would you please help me to spread the word again.  Daphne needs a family to commit soon in order to get to her before her birthday.  

I know her family is out there.  They just need to find their little bundle of T21 awesomeness!


I saw her picture a few weeks ago and fell hopelessly in love!  At the time, her file hadn’t been received by the agency, and I was reluctant to advocate for her in case it never appeared.

But as of this week, “Daphne” is officially available for adoption. 

And how desperately she needs a family!

Daphne is a sweet little darling who is already thirteen years old.  Just like three of our most valuable treasures on this earth, Daphne has Down syndrome. She’s a tiny little love.  I have seen many pictures of her and I knew instantly that there is something very special about this teenager.  She’s very high functioning–quite amazing, really, considering that she has been an orphan her entire life.  She’s smart, as beautiful as can be, learns quickly, loves people, is incredibly lovable, and needs just one thing…

A family to call her own BEFORE she turns fourteen next March!

Daphne must legally be adopted before her fourteenth birthday!

Honestly?  My heart broke when I saw how very close she is to aging out.  I absolutely cannot imagine what her life will look like if she remains in her country.  Her future is so bleak there–no hope. 

How she will blossom in a family! I just know it.

Unfortunately, due to the rules of her country, I am unable to share her pictures here.  I wish you could all see just how amazing this girl is!  I long to see her chosen, loved, and given every opportunity to become the best that she can be.


You can view a photo of her and the sweetest video ever RIGHT HERE.  (She is the first child listed.)

Would you please share her need for a family?  Would you please believe with us that this little angel is not forgotten?

Seven months is all she has left to get a family of her own.

Anyone wanting more information on adopting Daphne, please contact Mallory Blackmon at [email protected]. Serious inquiries only please.

Thank you so much for helping me today. I am so grateful for your help in ensuring that this one too WILL come home!