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renewed hope for Kamdyn

It’s no secret.  One of the things which breaks my heart the most is seeing children on advocacy websites just waiting to be CHOSEN!

Hearing some of their stories brings me to my knees, begging God to intervene–to raise up someone who will GO! Some children wait for years and years for someone to come for them.  Many lose all hope and eventually die–simply because they cannot live in the awful conditions.

Each child precious. Each one created in the image of loving God.

Each child so very deserving of a family.

A friend recently shared Kamdyn’s story with me.  I read through it literally shaking my head.  I seriously could not believe that this beautiful little girl had not already been chosen a very long time ago.

She is so, so precious.

Kamdyn is still a baby–just two years old.

She is doing well.  No mental delays at all. Kamdyn had a a hysterectomy as a baby and her kidneys are monitored–but they are working great!

That’s it!  That’s all that’s “wrong” with her. She is talking, playing with toys, and all her motor skills are on target.

Seriously! Why? Why in the world has this baby girl been waiting for over a year to be CHOSEN?  Her needs are so mild and she is doing so well.  What a beautiful addition she would be to a family!

Please, I’m begging you, will someone say yes to this adorable little girl?

Sadly, Kamdyn had a family…and then she didn’t!  They were forced to back out six months into the process.  Her file is finally back with the agency for a second time and Kamdyn has HOPE again. 

But only for a short time.  Kamdyn must find a family this month!

Please help us to share her story wherever you can!

We need a family to step forward and commit to bringing this angel home asap.

Please don’t let Kamdyn become another statistic of a child who spends too many years in an institution.  You only have to watch this documentary to know what happens to children like Kamdyn who are never given an opportunity to learn, blossom, and grow up in a family.  There truly are no words!

Please will someone save Kamdyn?

Anyone wanting more information on this little lovie can contact Shelley at [email protected]    (serious inquiries only, please).

Thank you for sharing her story and for believing with us that second time around, Kamdyn will be CHOSEN!